About Company

This company is established with the purpose of designing and producing  different kinds of auto spare part, technical and engineering services and providing employment opportunities

Factory view

This technical unit, by the means of  transforming  the knowledge from Germany and its own activities, produces some  part of country’s  piston needs for mentioned companies. The constant improvement of productions quality  is the main goal of MPN’s team. wining  the trust of customers  and fulfilling their known and unknown  requirements and needs will always be our main priority.

Neyestanak History

The name of MotorSazi Pooya Neyestanak Company (MPNCo) was taken from a historic village placed in 30 kilometer of west north of Naein city in Isfahan state of Iran which was one of the main center of population in the past.

Neyestanak or Neyestanaj with a great castle is a symbol of cultural history that envisages the stability and endurance of its people to life in pre and post Islam.

Now It’s about years that Pooya Neyestanak rely on its effort and the synergy of the nice resident of Neyestanak trying to summon a little part of that great history and return back a few of that passion and love for life to the ground and the patient people of that territory.

Factory view

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